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Ability to Bulk Delete Topic Groups


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As a Sys Admin, we often have to clean up QTs attached to projects/templates. You currently can bulk delete routing rules and queue topics, but there is no bulk delete for Topic Groups. I understand why it was designed that way, but if a) you limit this ability to Sys Admins and b) only allow bulk delete on Topic Groups that have 0 QTs - I think that would be safe! And amazing.

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I feel like this is an oversight. I don't understand why we're allowed to bulk delete topics and routing rules, but not topic groups. There doesn't seem to be an issue with allowing us to delete topic groups, since we can do that one by one, so why not allow us to bulk delete them?

We have to update all the queue options on more than a hundred projects on a regular basis. It goes pretty quickly, except for the step of removing outdated topic groups - that's where the process becomes frustrating.