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A matrix report of a timesheet does not show days without results unless it's sandwiched between two results that have results.


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Link to Video: https://ilos.video/OADIBV

General STEPS:
1. Log in to your account
2. On any task log some hours for yesterday and tomorrow, leave today blank
3. Create an hour report -> set a filter on that task ID and Hour > Entry date between Yesterday and Tomorrow
4. In the Grouping switch to Matrix grouping -> set the grouping
Row Groupings:
Owner Name
Column Groupings:
Hour -> Entry Date (Grouped by Days).
Make sure the "Show days with no results" is checked
5. Run the report and note that today is showing in the results with no data as expected
6. Edit the report and change the filter to be Between today and tomorrow or yesterday and today
7. Run the report and see that only the data for Tomorrow will show. The column for today won't show up