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Trying to set document owner as proof approver.


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I've built a very simple fusion scenario which allows a user with a request/review license to upload a document and attach a custom form which then triggers the creation of a proof. Works like a charm ... EXCEPT ... the document owner needs to be assigned as a Reviewer & Approver on the proof and this scenario automatically assigns them as just a reviewer.


Here are the modules I'm currently using.

If anyone has any ideas on how to update the proofing role to Reviewer & Approver, your help would be much appreciated!

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Hi Amy,


You should be able to use this API call here: https://api.proofhq.com/home/proofs/addreviewertoproofs.html


You will have to use the Proof HQ Fusion modules to connect to Proof. Here's an example of what the body should look like.