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Securing Fusion Webhook


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We do have a customer who wants to provide a custom form to all of their employees. As not all of them do have a Workfront account, we are looking for another solution. Although I did not successfully tested it yet, I know, that there seems to be the possibility to setup an autoprovisioning for non WF-users.

To my understanding this solution would require to make the queue public to anyone, which is out of the question in this case.

So my idea was to use a Fusion webhook which receives the data from a Microsoft Forms and creates a new issue in Workfront as a generic API user.

As we already know the IT-department on the customer side, I am sure that they will ask for any mechanisms to secure the webhook from misuse.
I know, that I can include an IP restriction. Besides that, we could define that the payload includes a specific token to be processed. 

Are there any other possibilities using Fusion native functionalities to increase security?

There is also the Encryptor module, which I did not use yet, perhaps that one will help.

Thanks in advance for any hints and thoughts.




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