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Recalculating Project Timelines and Custom Expressions in Fusion


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How do I recalculate a project timeline and custom expressions in Fusion on projects?  


I want to search for all projects set as a specific status that equals Planning and recalculate their timelines daily to see if they need to be pushed out if there is a cross project predecessor. 


I also need to update custom expressions if a certain field is updated on a project automatically in Fusion.  I can't see where to add that on.  Is this correct? 



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Just throwing a thought out there.

You know Workfront updates timelines and custom fields at the end of the day or midnight. Could you schedule the Fusion integration to run after that and if there is updates on a project check the Custom field your looking for and do the logic you need to do? 

I mite be misunderstanding the use case but thought id suggest either way. 




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They do run at midnight if the project is equal to a current status.  We have many projects that are scheduled or planned that we want to update the custom expressions on that is manually run now. 


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I can't confirm the process for recalculating custom expressions, but I suspect you're right.

We did just implement a scenario that recalculates project timelines (for projects in two portfolios) on a nightly basis (to adjust schedules both in cases where assignees have added PTO after projects have launched and where cross-project predecessors are involved).

I know that WF is supposed to update timelines nightly, but I found during testing that this didn't appear to be happening.  I created a test project, assigned tasks to myself, and then subsequently added PTO (that would affect the project schedule) to my WF calendar.  The next day I found the project schedule had not changed--either a manual recalculation or one done through Fusion was necessary.  This is what I use:




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From what I've been told is that the projects only recalculate nightly if it's equal to a current status and we have many that are equal to planning status that we want to recalculate so I'll try this feature in testing.