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OAuth client token not being passed up correctly


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Has any seen a change in their OAuth modules and the client token not being passed correctly?


We have several scenarios that use an OAuth module to connect with the Go To Webinar service. In these scenarios, we added the client token generated by GTW as part of the authorisation process. However, at some point on Thurs 28th 2024 there was a problem with the client token and the scenarios stopped working.


After some manipulation, we were able to reauthorise the connection and pull out the newly generated client token (this information is usually all hidden in the Fusion module.) When we tried with the new client token we found that this information was not being passed up to GTW correctly.


Instead we had too manually add this info into the Header as the following:

Name: Authorization

Value: Bearer xxxxxxxx (client token)


While this worked intially, it quickly stopped working again with 404 errors.

We found that the token expired after 1 hour (3600 seconds) and had to create a scenario where a data store stores the token, then every 55 minutes a request is made to GTW to get a new token and this then replaces the old token in the data store.


Is anyone else experienceing problems with their OAuth modules? We are trying to figure out if this is a change across Adobe or something we specifically have got wrong. 

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