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Multiple apps for entering vacation, and Workfront is ANOTHER ONE (in Dj Khaled's voice)


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Does anyone have a quick fix in which to add vacations, without having users enter it into your HR system, then Outlook for Out of Office, and then Workfront for Workload Balancer? All suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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We have an integration using Fusion with our Workday for pulling in PTO and LOA.  In Workday, we expose a series of Reports-as-a-Service (RaaS) that are then imported into a Workfront Fusion data store, normalized, and pushed into Workfront as RESVT entries.  It's a daily process that also handles updates and deletes.

I'll also just say that it isn't nearly as straightforward as I just made it sound.  It took us over a month to get working properly.  Some challenges we hit:

  1. User-vs-Fusion time zones
  2. User schedule differences (8 hours per day in the US vs 7.5 hours in EMEA)
  3. The Workday RaaS outputs PTO transactions, not a "final view", meaning we had to normalize things
  4. Workday allows overlapping PTO and LOA entries, which also had to be normalized

This is not an exhaustive list. 

We're now working on importing this data automagically into timesheets, too, and are hitting other aspects that have to be worked through.

It is worth doing if you have a sufficiently large workforce that you're supporting.  But it isn't for the feint of heart.