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How to get document proof id using fusion


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Hi Community,


Anyone have idea how can we get proof status/proof id using Fusion with the help of Workfront document id.




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So, to get the proof information, you need to get it from the document version instead of from the Document itself. From there, you can get Proof ID, status, decision etc. 


Hope this helps!




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Hi John,


Thanks for the help. I totally agree with your point but the second is hat when I use "Workfront API module" I will be giving "DOCV/search?documentID={{4.ID}}" in "Workfront API Module URL field"

but Then it will return me only 

                    "ID": "64e88a110008576e871bc7a9cb6e8889",
                    "objCode": "DOCV",
                    "docSize": 637743,
                    "entryDate": "2023-08-25T11:01:37.854Z",
                    "fileName": "1_64e88a110008576d03dd3ed3b0ade938_Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 11.42.33 AM",
                    "proofStatusDate": "2023-08-25T11:02:20.509Z"

 So basically in this proof details are missing, Can you also help how to also request for respected fields along with searching "document version" with "document id"






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Add to your query string fields=currentVersion:proofID,currentVersion:proofStatus


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Hello Chris and John,


Do you guys know in which scenario a proof id can be blank?

I have proof version and proof action reports without any custom fields. It does not show the proof id against all the line items in the report. See the screenshot attached.


Thanks in advance!