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Copying users in Fusion--including all teams and groups


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I'm making an automation for System and Group Admins which will allow them to copy attributes from one user to another. (Consider we utilize autoprovisioning, this will save people a ton of time.) 


The automation is pretty straightforward...until we get to groups and teams--groups especially. I'm guessing that instead of it being a matter of adding the groups to the user's account, the user needs to be added to each of the groups by Fusion. 


I pull in the groupID by searching for "userGroups:groupID" in collections. And I'm unsure how to add a user to a userGroup via a put command. I get grief when I attempt this.


This is another one of those situations where I tried to find documentation about this....aaaand there is none lol. But this is definitely something which would make for a great lesson for an advanced Fusion course (hint hint).



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This is what I'm thinking so far...I just don't know how to write the PUT call on the Custom API call module:


Fusion gets the list of all the user's groups and teams. It then reads the team members of each team, creates a new array with the new user's ID, then puts the whole array into the Team. 


How I get the array of users into the Team...that's the challenge.  

I know that Team Members are not the same thing as User IDs. I don't know how they're related though. Nor can I find anything here on Experience League that gives me more info.