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Calculated custom field to match front-end display with back-end value. Can it be done?


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I'm working in Workfront with custom fields that have calculations pulling from both number fields and currency fields. I'm trying to get the front-end display to match the back-end values being stored. When I pull the numbers into Excel, they are coming in with extra decimal places like 123.446 instead of rounding to 123.45 as displayed.

I've tried using number and currency rounding functions but cannot seem to get the two values (front-end display vs back-end stored value) to match up. I also have Fusion available if that could provide a workaround, though I'm not very proficient with coding or Fusion.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get the back-end stored number calculated in a custom field to round to the same number of decimal places as the front-end display? I'm looking for a solution within Workfront if possible.

I should add that if I use a currency field it displays correctly ($1,102.25) but the back-end does not match (1102.245). If I use a number or text field with rounding it doesn't round the result (1102.24) the same as the currency result (1102.25 ) but the front-end (1102.24) and back-end value (1102.24) do match.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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I don't know if this helps but this is the math (Code is in Fusion but can apply same logic in Excel I think) that would round your number. Adjust the number of decimal places by adding extra 0's to the 100. Round() rounds a number to the nearest integer.