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bug in execution history?


Level 5

I have a scenario that runs nightly.  I occasionally check its history, and I keep seeing something odd.  When I first click on the history tab, there's an execution that lacks a start date (this was a run-once execution from when I was first testing the scenario):

fusion execution 01.png

If I scroll down through the history and scroll back up, the missing date then appears:

fusion execution 02.png

If I try sorting the list (in either ascending or descending order), this item always remains at the top:

fusion execution 03.png

Has anyone else encountered this?  Is it possible to delete an execution item from the history?






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Level 4

Hi Kristen


I've not seen that but I have seen things similar happening when there are lots of scenarios running concurrently.  If you have lots of triggers firing sometimes Fusion can't keep up and I've seen executions just vanish.  Maybe check if there are other scenarios timed to start at a similar time, if large files are being passed around and also check what your concurrent threads limit is with Adobe.


All the best