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Blocking email notifications within Fusion


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I'm not sure if this is possible or not, but I was wondering... Can you block/stop a notification from sending when a action is executed in Fusion that prompts a email notification by default?

Use case:

I have an automation running that, if the project owner job role matches the task assigned to job role, it auto-populates with that owner's name. This works great at project creation because the status is in planning and no notifications are sent. However, when the project is already in current, and the owner attaches a new template with tasks that match their job role, they get emails to alert them of the assignment. Not a big deal, but pretty annoying, right? Can I stop those notifications?

Something like, if the assigned to ID matches the owner ID, then don't send a notification. I highly doubt this can be done without just turning off the notifications completely, but I will be interested to hear if anybody may have a clever way around this.

Thanks guys!


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