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Beautifying Word Doc Template That Includes Nested Data


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I am trying to create a template document that I will use to compile information about tasks and their subtasks from Workfront. The resulting document needs to be organized and easy to read for the end client. Currently I am trying to use the "Microsoft Word Template" aggregator to loop through my task information. The issue I have discovered is that module does not allow nested looping. For example, if my doc needs to include information on the tasks/subtasks:

- Mice

     -> Rufus

     -> Mickey

     -> Bernard

- Cats

     -> Thomas O'Malley

     -> Sergeant Tibbs

     -> Simba


     -> Goofy

     -> Pongo

     -> Copper

I can either use looping to capture the parent tasks of Mice/Cats or it can capture the subtasks, but if I want to get the subtasks for each parent task, there isn't a way to do this solely using the word module. The only way I've found to loop through both my parent and subtasks is to compile the subtask information using a text aggregator then using the aggregated output as a variable to use in my word doc. If I try doing that though, the word module will squash any attempt I make at formatting my text. For example, if I use a text aggregator and separate items with a newline, the word doc module seems to remove the newlines and replace them with spaces. Does anyone have any ideas on a way to compile nested data into one legible document? It does not have to be a word doc, just any kind of file that is easy for a human to read.

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