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Requesting that Adobe create new user access level for fusion only users - Do they truly need Sys Admin Access Level?


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Description - We have fusion users who create fusion scenarios, but are not acting as system admins within Workfront. To create fusion scenarios, users must be given the access level of System Admin.  For example we have users within our Corporate IT team who are experts in Jira. They create fusion scenarios that link Workfront into Jira, but their expertise in within Jira. They take training on how to work in Fusion, but their focus is not on being a  Workfront system admin. They own, document, update their fusion scenarios.

Why is this feature important to you - We have users in Fusion who show as System Admins, when in reality they are not system admins. They only author and maintain fusion scenarios. We would like them to be assigned a newly created access level to denote that they are Fusion only users. We don't want or need them to be viewed as system admins, because in reality they are not

How would you like the feature to work - We would Adobe to develop an access level that allows users to interact between Workfront and Fusion, but not give them System Admin access level. Would it be possible for a fusion person to only be required to have group admin access level?

Current Behavior - Our Workfront instance gives the appearance of having System Admins, who don't act as system admins, and we don't expect them to act as System Admins. We need visibility on who is  a "fusion only user". Yes, I know we could create a job role or team, but the reality is we don't want these users to have the same access levels and permission as a System Admin. All feedback is welcomed.