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Have easier way to find "where used"



Description -

When making edits to a scenario, we're finding the process of tracking down all usages of a reference to be cumbersome.  Our current process is to download the blueprint, open in a separate editor, and Ctrl-F to find the one(s) desired.


It would be preferable to stay in the Fusion UI but have a way to "highlight all usages" based on selection of a reference ID.  That reference ID could be input using the {{14.something.`foo bar`}} syntax, even, to allow for the case where the reference has already been changed.


I would NOT want a find-replace, per se, as sometimes applying the change requires consideration of other changes to go with it, hence why the ask is limited to helping identify the usages.


Why is this feature important to you -

If I'm a Fusion admin, keep me in Fusion.  Switching to an external tool disrupts my workflow.


How would you like the feature to work -

See above.


Current Behaviour -

See above.