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Enable conditional count of data store



Screen Shot 2023-07-27 at 12.18.54 PM.png


To count items in a data store based on a condition (ex: Field = "some value"), a Fusion user has to setup a structure similar to the above:

  1. Initialize a counter to 0
  2. Search the whole data store based on the condition
  3. Get counter references
  4. Increment the counter by one each time

This is required because the Count records data store module does not allow for conditions.

The ask is to enable conditions on the Count records module.  Even if you internally have to do it via a looping mechanism like this, it greatly simplifies the life of the Fusion user and makes it an inline module rather than having to do the above PLUS the required router (ahead of the above flow) and another branch off that with a Get Variable module to get the result of the count.