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Add support for "OR" conditions in Workfront "Watch Events" module



Description -

Adobe Workfront allows for setting up complex webhook trigger conditions, including "OR" comparison.  This allows for triggering webhooks for cases like "Field 1 OR Field 2 Changed".


The "Watch Event" module in Fusion, however, only allows for "AND" conditions.


This results in cases where we either need to (1) duplicate scenarios for each of the "OR" cases so that our admins can see the actual trigger conditions or (2) setup the complex webhook trigger using the Workfront API but lose visibility into the conditions within Fusion, meaning our admins are in the dark.


Why is this feature important to you -

We want to both ensure our admins have (1) clarity on each of the scenarios' setup and (2) not duplicating effort and (3) are empowered without specialty knowledge like having to use Workfront APIs via Postman/curl/etc.


How would you like the feature to work -

Whatever filter criteria expressions are supported by the Workfront API should be reflected in the Fusion "Watch Events" UI.  Certainly, the ability to do an "OR" is one of those essential things.


Current Behaviour -

See description above.