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[VIDEO] Top 3 reasons to create a Shared Column Report



Howdy folks!  Your "On-Demand Workfront CSM" @CynthiaBoon is back with another “Top 3” video!  


Looking for new, efficient ways to present your information in a report? Give the Shared (or Summary) Columns idea a try! 

We get lots of questions on how to use Text Mode to combine information into a report, so we have a step-by-step video as well as some resources below to get you started. 



First thing! As promised, here is the documentation article on how to get started with building a shared column.  


View: merge information from multiple columns in one shared column 


In the video, I reference some slightly different text mode than from the Experience League article (link above), so the code that I use in the demo is provided below.   


Pro-tip:  Sometimes Text Mode doesn't copy and paste well so you may have to retype it into a reference document, but at least this is pretty short.  


In the video – when I talk about the "Blank" column - copy over anything that might be showing and replace it with this:  





value=</b></font><hr><font color=000000><b> x  </b></font>  


In the video – when I talk about the "Workfront Object" column - just add this to the end of the existing Text Mode, without changing anything else  



Bonus Tip #1: To change the Display Name on the Column Name  



 Bonus Tip #2: For the "Font Color" change   

You can change the standard black font (Black =000000) to whatever you would like, example:  Red=FF0000  


Bonus Tip #3: For the "Label" change  

Where the placeholder "x" is: that is where you want to put the "label" of that value, example Project Owner or Status or % Complete, etc.  


NOTE: For those in the know, you probably noticed that I forgot to add a “Blank” column in front of the “Owner” column, which is why it didn’t have a label. You can always go back and add it, like I did. (Screenshot below. ) 


Top 3 - Shared or Summary Column Report - Final.png

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Level 6

Thanks!  I've built shared column reports before, but the process was very laborious (and a lot of trial-and-error).  This is much easier, and the formatting makes everything so much cleaner.


Level 2

Thank you Cynthia!  Great report and appreciate the detailed steps you provided, my first time working with text mode but you made it easy!