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Task Approval/Rejection Flow


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Hello Experts,


Wanted to check if there is a better/clean way to handle task flow/assignment as explained below.

  1. Task-1

        Development/creation task.

        For e.g. Asset development or brief creation

2. Task-2

       Decision gate, approver/reviewer rejects/approves the approval or artifact

If decision of above task-2 is 'Approved', flow goes to next task i.e. #3 in the order.

If decision of above task #2 is 'Rejected/Need Rework', then assignee of Task-1 has to work on it again to fix the issues and generate updated version and flow should again go to Task#2 for decision gate.

I have found two options:

1. Option 1
In case of creative asset review/approval decision gate, Workfront's proofing workflow functionality can be used to review/approve proofs. Proofing workflow can be attached/created in the creative development task with multiple stages if required.
2. Option 2
In case of creative brief approvals or other approvals like cost, stakeholder approval, approval paths can be setup. Problem with approval path as per my understanding is we can either change task status or log an issue if someone rejects something in approval path. There is no way to activate previous task on rejection.


let me know if my understanding so far to handle these decision gate scenarios is correct, or there is more to it.


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It sounds like you would want the approval process on task 1 and not create task 2.  This way, when task 1 is marked complete, an approval process will automatically start (and the task status will go to Complete- Pending Approval).  If the approval process completes successfully, the task will transition to complete and the next task will start.  If the review results in a rejection, task 1 would reset its status to in progress.


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Thanks for your response, Yes, this can work for us for some scenarios where we have review/approval step right after development task.

But in the flow we have some tasks as below:

1. Task 1 - Development Work

    Stage 1 Approval/Review

    Stage 2 Approval/Review

    Stage 3 Approval/Review

    Stage 4 Approval/Review

Rejection at Stages 1,2,3 should go back to Task 1.

Approval at Stage  4 should go to next task i.e. Task 2, and rejection should go Task 3.

Task 3 is again a decision gate and rejection at this step should go back to Task 1, and approval to Task 4.


What can be approach for this scenario?