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New Date Picker impedes workflow and takes much longer to set timelines


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Has anyone else noticed this new feature mentioned below?  It is really inconvenient and makes setting timelines a tedious task.  Takes me twice as long now to reset timelines since you have to click twice in the field now to get the calendar to open up to change the date.  This is not helping to streamline anything, it is making things more difficult and adding much more time to our Workfront roles.  I wish they would go back to the way it was. 


Date picker no longer automatically opens on input focus or click


When a user navigates by keyboard, date pickers are no longer automatically opened upon the date input receiving keyboard focus. Instead, keyboard users should tab to the date picker icon and press Enter to open the date picker. When a user navigates by mouse, date pickers are no longer automatically opened upon the date input being clicked. Instead, mouse users should click the date picker icon to open the date picker.

This change was made to better conform with standard date picker UX patterns and to create a more accessible experience for keyboard and screen reader users.

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I agree, clicking for tiny icon is much less convenient than just selecting date/time field.


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I agree as well. It more than doubles my time to reset dates as I click into the field, wonder what's going on, click again, then remember I have to click on the little calendar icon.

I've had a large number of complaints from my project managers saying they hate it.