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New Blog Post! Restore Objects from the Recycle Bin


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Did You Know? Restore Objects from the Recycle Bin

Have you ever deleted a parent task within a project thinking that just this one task would be deleted, but in reality all the associated child tasks were also removed? Or accidentally deleted a project template or custom form that you thought was never being used?

Did you know that Workfront has a recycle bin that allows you to restore projects, tasks, issues, documents and templates that have been deleted within the last 30 days? Objects like reports, dashboards and groups cannot be restored from the recycle bin since they can be recreated. Restoring custom forms will require the help of the Workfront Database team. Click into the full blog post here to learn more and view common questions associated with the restore process! Nichole Vargas Customer Programs Specialist, Workfront


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Oh man, I've totally done the whole delete a parent task and have children below it removed. SO grateful for the recycle bin.


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I get the theory behind not having a restore option for reports but I think that actually works against us. Reports, at least for us, tend to be one of the most customized objects in Workfront and are actually really hard to recreate (bot everyone thinks to go into the Sandbox to be able to recreate or has the time to sit there and recreate a report from scratch). I would love to see Reports as an option in the Recycle Bin in the future. Mohini Sinha, CSM Project Coordinator Excelsior College


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I would like to see Custom Forms in the Recycle bin as well, for the same reasons Mohini listed for the report. I know I've accidentally deleted the wrong form, but it would be helpful to see forms in the recycle bin to see if/when someone else deleted one. In a perfect world everyone would double-check before deleting something, but it doesn't always happen. Sheri Whitten


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Excellent idea! One that I've heard a lot over the years. I believe we have it on the roadmap, but never heard anything set in stone on it. I'd highly suggest an idea via the Idea Exchange to show the interest and how important it is to lots of folks. :) Dustin Martin Assigned Support Engineer Workfront