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New Blog Post! Basic Text Mode Groupings for Beginners.


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Did you know that you can rename a grouping within a report so that it makes more sense to your organization's terminology? Or that you can group the results by a field not listed in the grouping field source list?

This week, we continue our focus on basic text mode. Why text mode? Workfront reports can be customized to meet your organization's needs, sometimes going beyond what is available through the report builder by using text mode. Text mode unleashes the full power of Workfront's reporting capabilities, unlocking your data in ways that make business sense to your organization. With text mode, you can combine columns or access a wider variety of fields, including your custom fields.

A few weeks ago, the Workfront Wednesday: Did You Know? blog detailed basic text mode filters within a report. To build on that and expand your knowledge of basic text mode tips, this week we're sharing two examples of basic text mode groupings for beginners.

Click here to access the full blog post and to share any comments, questions or suggestions!


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