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Issue status limited access


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Hi, does anyone know if there is a way to lock down the status options users can see? We are testing out some automation features and do not want our requestors or regular users to be able change status to those having to do with automation. Is there a way for only a certain team/group or handful of users to have access to certain statuses? 


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Hi Kaylee,


It's not possible to selectively restrict certain statuses to certain users. The only functionality you have available is to customise the statuses that are available to different groups, however the entire list of statuses available to the group associated with your project will also be available to requesters, which if i'm understanding correctly isn't going to be suitable.


The only alternative I can think of is to trigger your automation from a custom field instead of a status. Going down this route would enable you to hide the form/field to the select few users who you want to be able to trigger the automation.


Best Regards,






Hi @kayleeric7,


I concur with @Richard_Le_, and would add that:


  • although it warrants sober consideration, since you are automating, technically, you could first move the request to an “Automation In Progress” project with a special group on that project which contains the additional automation status values you originally imagined, set up only under that group for this purpose, and intentionally left out of requestors Other Groups so they can neither see nor select them
  • whichever path you choose, it might be wise to practice your new automation while you work out the kinks in yourdomain.preview (or your sb01 or sb02 sandbox if you have either) without other users seeing or selecting the new status values