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How does Workfront hold users that cause bottleneck / delays accountable?


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I am trying to build a report to look at all completed tasks and to group them by their progress status. Apparently for completed tasks, the tasks progress status can only be either 'On Time' or 'Late'. 


When it comes to tasks being completed late, there could be two potential reasons: 


1. Their turn to complete the tasks reached them on time but they took longer time than the planned completion date causing the task to be completed late. 

2. Their turn to complete the tasks reached them late. This is caused by the predecessor tasks were not completed on time and the bottleneck is causing delays towards the whole project. 


We would love to only report the tasks that were completed late simply because of the assignee's own fault and not because of the bottleneck caused by the previous predecessor tasks. In summary, we would like to show report only for situation #1 above and to exclude the situation #2. 


Anyone has any idea how can we do that? Any help is greatly appreciated. 


Thank you!





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You probably want to look at the task's handoffDate rather than the Planned Start Date / Planned End Date. That's the date that the predecessor task completed and was "handed off" to the current task. So if you add the current task's Duration to the HandoffDate, you get a fairer due date for the assignee.

In the below code, I add the Duration to the Handoff date, and compare that to the Actual Completion Date. If the Actual Completion Date is before (or equal) to this calculated due date, then I mark it "On Time". Otherwise I mark it "Late". The 480 represents an 8 hour workday (8 hrs * 60 min). You can change that value if your workday is different.

displayname=Late or On Time
valueexpression=IF(ADDWEEKDAYS({handoffDate},({durationMinutes}/480))>={actualCompletionDate},"On Time","Late")


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Hi @J_Mas 


Thank you for your reply! I tried implementing the text you provided above to the column text mode in my task report. However, I found something strange with the outcome. 



If you look at the second task in the screenshot above, the text mode column consider the task to be completed late even when the actual completion date is way earlier than the due date / planned completion date. The default system progress status on the other hand is showing the right status. 


Could you help me further with this? Appreciate all your help! Thanks!


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@ArthurChalamet Can you pull in the Handoff date to the report and see what the date is? My formula doesn't look at the Planned Completion Date (Due On), it looks at the Handoff Date.