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Handy Resources for Tracking Known Adobe Workfront Issues



At Adobe Workfront, we want to make sure that you can carry out your goals and projects in the most efficient manner possible. However, there are times when your instance may not be running as efficiently as you'd like. Please check out and bookmark these handy resources below so you can keep track of our solution statuses and stay updated on the latest service issues we are actively looking to resolve.  


  • Adobe Workfront Status: All status updates will be posted on this page in the (rare) occasion that one of our Workfront services is down. If you have an Adobe ID, you can subscribe to Workfront status updates on your Subscriptions page so that you are immediately notified if one of our Workfront solutions is facing an issue, its severity, and any other relevant updates.  
  • Adobe Workfront Known Issues: Use this page to keep track of known issues that our Support and Engineering teams are actively working on. Clicking into each issue will provide a detailed description of the problem, as well as when it was first reported.  
  • Adobe Workfront Maintenance Updates: Lastly, the Maintenance Updates page keeps a record of all maintenance updates and hot fixes planned in the near future. This page contains more specific problem areas in the Workfront solution.

I hope this will help provide some clarity into some active issues you may face in your Workfront environment moving forward. If you have any questions - please don't hesitate to shoot me a private message or reply to this post! 


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@jon_chen  When I go in to submit a ticket, there's a list of potentially helpful pages. These articles are under "We think these articles might help" - it would be great if "Known Issues" was one of the articles there.

Currently, I'm seeing links to a variety of articles before I even start typing anything:

22.4 Release overview - this one makes sense to me, I might want to see what's coming when I'm submitting a problem

Workfront Tutorials - this also makes sense to me, maybe a tutorial would help me instead of submitting a ticket

Tokens Overview - for Marketo - why am I seeing help pages from Marketo when I've selected my product as Workfront?

Create a Request Queue - this seems irrelevant unless I've started typing something that might indicate I need request queue help


Know Issues seems like it should be the first thing on that list - if I see it's already a known issue, I might not bother support with it since I can see it's being worked on.



Hey @Heather_Kulbacki I believe those articles are automatically generated based on holistic user behavior. Let me see if there's a way for us to manually train the model or find some other way to pin the Known Issues page to that section.



Hey @Heather_Kulbacki Following up on this query... I checked with our Support team and was able to confirm that the "We think these articles might help" section are pre-populated based on user traffic across the whole site and are therefore not specific to individual users. 


Additionally, this section is meant to surface articles rather than solution status. The Support team is looking into an integration with status.adobe.com, most likely in 2023. However, such an integration would not live in the case assist section mentioned above, it would likely be placed on the Support homepage itself. 


I hope this helps - let me know if you have any other questions.