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[Event Follow-Up] Workfront Customer Panel - Logging Time



Logging time in Workfront can provide valuable data to help you accurately plan and forecast, but overcoming that initial hurdle of getting your users to actually log time is no small feat. 

THANK YOU to these four amazing panelists for sharing their experience, best practices and recommendations for capturing time in Workfront on today's [February 9] first-ever Customer Panel, in partnership with Adobe Workfront Customer Success. 

For those who were not able to attend today's session, you can watch the on-demand panel here and download a copy of the slide deck with sample reports from the attached PDF.  If you have any follow-up questions or additional best practices on tracking time, please post a reply to the thread. Let's keep this conversation going! 

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Thanks @NicholeVargas: great tips, and a hot topic!


For those interested in another way to track time (particularly for those who use more than just Workfront to conduct their work), I invite you to consider our Enterprise Stopwatch solution, which can make it simple and convenient for everyone to track time from their browser, tablet, or smart phone, as the work occurs.





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Thank you everyone for joining today! Hopefully you got a least a couple worthwhile nuggets. Happy to connect further with anyone.


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Thanks for having us Nichole! Great time chatting about such an important topic today. Happy to provide any additional insights if anyone has more questions!


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Hi all, something I neglected to bring up in yesterday's session - 


Do not overlook the value of ONBOARDING and using new folks as an opportunity to drive desired behavior.
Every time someone joins our org, I send them a handful of required recorded trainings, and if they are joining a team that logs time, I include one for that as well as a Jumpseat guide (among other onboarding Jumpseat guides). Use trainings/onboarding as a method to not just literally show people how to log time, but how it's used, why it's important, etc. - remember: transparency : )


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Thank you for the session, it was really helpful.

Can we have a session where admins can suggest UX improvements please? For example: The Beta filter thing is of no use. Adobe is definitely putting effort to make Workfront better, but in a wrong direction and in an old-fashioned way (still relying on click heavy methods). For example: Adding a column in a view is a matter of seconds in other applications, whereas in Workfront it takes me at least few clicks, and for someone who is new to Workfront, they got no clue on how to do it on own.


In the quarterly updates we get few things which add no value like

1) Renaming pinned tabs (seriously!!!??)

2) Quick filter custom forms (these are things which can wait) 

3) Many more


Not asking for something magical. Tyring to say Workfront is missing basic intuitive functionalities for work management or work review.


My intention is not to offend but to make Workfront a user-friendly tool.



@_Manish_Singh Thanks for your suggestion on a feedback opportunity and voicing some of your concerns. I've shared your ideas with the Workfront Product team and asked they reach out to you directly to talk in more detail.

Tagging @JessicaShayanPM here for visibility. 

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