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Blueprint Released: Value Realization | Deliver Client-facing Services



Blueprint Released: Value Realization | Deliver Client-facing Services


If you’re a system admin, product owner, champion, or manager of Workfront users, you’ve probably been asked to demonstrate the value that Workfront is bringing to your business. We’ve identified five key areas where your business can realize value.  Workfront provides the ability to:


  1. Centralize work in one solution
  2. Manage work processes
  3. Review and approve digital work
  4. Govern compliance workflows
  5. Deliver client-facing services


To identify value realized from the “Deliver Client-facing Services” section above, we’ve combined years of experience working with client-facing companies to build a series of reports centered around work that impacts cost and revenue. This dashboard provides planned and actual data to help you find trends in key project phases and identify ways to streamline processes to improve on-time delivery, maximize revenue, and prevent staff burnout.


This dashboard is now available to install from your blueprints.


Learn how to install this dashboard from blueprints.


A few things to note:


  1. The reports on the dashboard have been built to support the needs of a wide audience. It’s likely you will need to change the filters, views, and groupings in some reports. This is especially the case when it comes to filtering on status or date/time
  2. The default filters for “Client” in these dashboards are Project Company >> Is Primary = False.
  3. Clients can be external and/or internal to an organization. Depending on the best use case for a given company, “Clients” could be set up as Companies, Groups, Portfolios, Programs, etc. If your reports are blank, this will be the first filter to adjust.
  4. You may not need all the reports, so feel free to remove or customize them. All reports have the following tags in their descriptions for searchability:  #clientfacingservices #valuerealization
  5. Finally, we recommend making copies of these reports before editing in case you want to go back to the original reports.


The Deliver Client-facing Services Reports: 


Active Projects by Client - Project Status Meeting Report

  • Use this report as a meeting tool in Details view to understand and update key project data and status in real time to help assess risk and prioritize projects by client revenue.


Active Project Planned Hours by Client and Planned Completion per Quarter

  • Use this report to understand planned and active customer/client work currently in the pipeline by comparing by quarter across your organization based on your custom filtered selections.


Active Task Planned Hours by Job Role

  • Use this report to understand which roles may be under- or over-allocated on active projects or to compare against purchased services, retainers, and contracts.
  • To track freelancer and contractor projections, hours, spend and revenue impact, try adding a User custom form with an Employee Type to increase visibility in reporting.


Active Project Planned Revenue by Client

  • Use this report to understand Planned Revenue and compare against Actual, Fixed, and Billed Revenue by planned and active hours per client.


Project Actual Revenue by Client

  • Use this report to understand actual revenue and compare against planned, fixed, and billed revenue with current and complete actual revenue per client.


Milestone Progress Report in Active Projects

  • This report shows the average effort of key project milestones. A large variance between planned and actual durations or hours indicates an opportunity to monitor active phases per project and to be able to communicate to clients and leadership where projects are in their lifecycle.


Completed Milestone Phases Plan vs Actual - On Time Delivery Trends

  • Use this report to understand how complete project work phases (milestones) are trending by comparing planned vs actual duration and hours.
  • Finding trends in which phases continually deliver early or on time and which seem to always run behind or late can help make critical adjustments to planning processes and project templates.


Completed Projects by Client and Progress Status This Year

  • This report shows all completed projects per client year to date. Use this report to understand completed project performance per client annually.




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