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Austin User Group (Jan 2020) - Materials and Follow-up


Thanks to everyone who came out to the Austin User Group yesterday! We had representatives from a number of industries, from Healthcare to Marketing to Sport and Entertainment. There were those who have been working in Workfront for more than 10 years, and folks who have only been in their instance a few months. There's a TON of knowledge to be gained and shared in the area and we hope to do another meetup after Leap. Slides from today's session are attached as well as PDFs of the reporting handouts. Big thanks to @Jacque Stanley and @Ryan Cockayne from Hero Digital for hosting and sharing their experience with managing requests and resources, to @Elissa Lazor from Rego Consulting for her guidance on Dashboards and Reporting and to @Megan Braman from Workfront for helping keep the day on track! As I mentioned, we'll be planning another formal user group meetup after Leap, likely in the May/June timeframe. Feel free to email me (kristinfarwell@workfront.com) or tag me here on the Community if you have any questions about User Groups. Let's keep the conversation going! Kristin Farwell Sr. Manager, Customer Advocacy Programs
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Thanks to the team at Hero Digital for hosting. I enjoyed attending the group and look forward to future sessions. As I had shared yesterday, we have Free Training sessions. There is a free training session tomorrow on Reporting which is scheduled for 3.5 hours and would provide in-depth knowledge around Reporting. Please check it out if you have time. Here is a link to register: https://regoconsulting.com/free-training/ We also have sessions in February and March. As these are live sessions, you can ask questions around your specific needs. Elissa Lazor Digital Transformation Consultant and Solutions Architect Austin, TX 281.772.3973