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Hi @jon_chen,


As you (and others with real time AEL notifications turned on) might have observed this morning...


To correct Adobe Admin Console Gotcha 01 (#aacgotcha01) where an active session to an Adobe Workfront environment inadvertently lead to posting a reply in Adobe Experience League “as” the active session user, rather than as the intended standard AEL user, I note (and have taken) the following corrective actions:


  • login to AAC using firefox as tech@atappstore.com (etc.)
  • login to AAC using chrome as doug.denhoed@gmail.com
  • using firefox and chrome look up the community profile entries for each of the former
  • using chrome reply to each original entry by copying the original entry text
  • using firefox replace each original entry text with #aacgotcha01
  • rinse and repeat for all





CC: @Richard_Le_ as per related email

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HI @Doug_Den_Hoed__AtAppStore Thanks for the workaround. Another solution we can do here is merge the two Community profiles so that you can access your primary profile using the login associated with your Admin Console. If this is something you'd like to do, please let me know via private message!