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modal window preventing data element from being read soldierchlorine - Adobe Experience Platform Launch
Hi, We have a website, that has a modal pop up display as soon as you enter the site (don't ask why), this pop up allows you to go to different branded pages of the same site. When this popup loads Analytics seems to send a beacon, however, upon closer inspection, the data layer element for the report suite ID is blank but the hardcoded report suite ID is read OK. When a user clicks on the pop up to go to other branded pages the report suite ID is read correctly, the same is true if the pop up i...
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VEC shows blank page soldierchlorine - Adobe Target
Hi Guys,I hope you are all well? I am quite new to Target so be gentle. We have deployed Target through Launch, I am trying to load a web site into the VEC to create an A/B test, I input the URL all seems to go fine, I get the loading screen then nothing, just a blank page it looks like Target thinks the page has loaded? below is what I have tried so far:I have used Requestly to change the response headers this makes no difference.Allowed loading of mixed content again no difference. Any advice?
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