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Google Customer match and Facebook activation


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hello, anyone observed bellow of issues by chance;

1. when we activate 1 segment to Google Customer match (#email, #phone, MAIDs) the segment gets split into 3 different files in Google Ad account. Is it based on GCM rules?

2. when we activate segments to Facebook, it take up to few days for update the match rate ? 


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@sameernagaonkar1 what's the size of the audience that you are activating?


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Found this while reading Adobe's documentation on Google Customer Match.


"After completing the activation flow, switch to your Google Ads account. The activated audiences are shown in your Google account as customer lists. Please note that depending on your audience size, some audiences do not populate unless there are over 100 active users to serve.

When mapping an audience to both IDFA and GAID mobile IDs, Google Customer Match creates a separate audience for each ID mapping. Your Google Ads account shows two different segments, one for the IDFA, and one for the GAID mapping."