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Adobe Workfront Fusion is an incredibly useful tool that allows you to automate your processes so that you can reduce repetition and focus on what’s important. In this upcoming Coffee Session scheduled for June 15th at 8a PT, come join us for an exclusive opportunity to ask our in-house experts on anything related to Workfront Fusion!

This text-only event takes place here in the Workfront Experience League Community. Post your burning questions, hot tips, key takeaways, and let’s chat about them! Our experts will be interacting live for that hour, but the conversation can continue! 


For some guidance, here are some sample topics you can ask the in-house Workfront Fusion expert team about:

  • How do I convert issues into projects using Workfront Fusion?
  • How do I build a Fusion process to mark an issue as Approved or Rejected after validating if the fields are compliant?
  • How do you prescribe using Fusion Templates?
  • What desktop/web tools do you use besides Workfront and Fusion when you are building Fusion Scenarios to aid you in your development?
  • What should be the first module in my Fusion scenario?
  • My scenario seems to run fine, then breaks and turns off, how do I keep it from stopping?
  • People tell me that Fusion can do pretty much anything, are there any limits to consider?



Note: If you cannot make the live Q&A, that’s okay! Ask your questions in this Community thread now and your question will be answered in the order that it was received.



  • Must be signed into the Community during the 1-hour period
  • Must post an Adobe Workfront question or comment on Adobe Workfront Fusion
  • Must tag any or both of the Workfront Fusion SMEs (@ewanh or @AndyHess) in your question
  • You can ALSO post your question or comment prior to the Q&A session if you are unable to attend the live event
  • THAT'S IT! *(think of this as the Adobe Workfront Community equivalent of an AMA, (“Ask Me Anything”), and bring your best speed-typing game)


Experienced IS Professional with a strong history in Retail, Wholesale & Finance. Skilled in Business Administration & Process, Database Administration, Business Intelligence, and Integration Strategy. Focused on helping clients integrate Adobe Workfront into their enterprise technology landscape by setting realistic expectations and developing long-term roadmaps for integrations.




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Who Me Too'd this topic