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I have created one new custom resource(not an extended one, I named it Testtablesovan) and added three fields and published it. And I am trying to access that resource through the REST API like following:

To get all the data from the resource: GET https://mc.adobe.io/<org_name>/campaign/profileAndServicesExt/cusTesttablesovan

To post data from the resource: POST https://mc.adobe.io/<org_name>/campaign/profileAndServicesExt/cusTesttablesovan

But for all the cases, I am receiving the following error:

RST-360011 An error has occurred - please contact your administrator.

Error rc=-2003

Could anyone please help me on that?

PS,I have found out there are a lot of issues logged in the forum, but the workaround or fix is never mentioned.



Who Me Too'd this topic