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Possible to use dynamic limit in journeys in AJO?


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We have a journey that should notify customers via email when a product is back in stock. Specifically, the number of customers targeted via email should correspond exactly to the quantity of the product that has become available again. For instance, if business restock 100 units of a product, then exactly 100 emails should be dispatched through Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO). We are using business events for this.


I am aware of the profile cap feature in AJO that allows us to control the number of profiles to be targeted. However, this feature only accepts static numerical values and cannot dynamically adjust based on the stock quantity available at any given time.


Is there a method to dynamically set this email limit based on the product quantity indicated in the event's contextual attributes?


One potential workaround I've considered is creating multiple conditions using the data received from business event using advanced expression editor and then using subsequent profile cap condition . However, I am reaching out to see if you might know a more streamlined approach to achieve this.


Thank you for your insights,


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