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Sharing our AEM - AJO connector


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Hi there!

I'm Valdas, part of the Cognizant Netcentric team. We recently built an AEM - AJO connector and put together this short blog post with some details about it. Wanted to share this with the community in case it's useful to any of you. 
If you're interested to learn more, feel free to reach out!


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Very cool Valdas! Is this solution using AEM Sites managed services? Are you using headless content services to trigger events? Would love to schedule a demo for our team. Please reach out to me directly. 


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Hi @Ivan_Mironchuk,


We are using AEM as a Cloud Service in this case but it can be applied to AEM by AMS. At the end, Adobe I/O - AEM Events Package needs to be installed and configured on AEM. Regarding event trigger, we are using Adobe I/O Events as an Event Broker. 


We would be happy to show you the solution!