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"Getting Started with XML Documentation" course on Experience League


Use this thread to ask any questions related to the "Getting Started with XML Documentation" course on Experience League: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/?recommended=ExperienceManager-U-1-2021.xmldocs
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Level 5

Hi @TG_Explorer , is there any sample content that we can refer while trying our hands-on XML documentation for example few DITA Topics, DITA Maps and final output? Similar to we.retail or WKND content for AEM.



Hi @srikanthpogula ,


When you access the course content, wherever there is sample content needed (DITA, image etc.), it is available for download in the lesson page.

For example, you can download the required DITA files for this "Creating Map" from the lesson page itself - https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-xml-documentation-learn/videos/getting-st...


Hope this helps !!


Level 5

Hi @TG_Explorer , Thanks for the information, I had gone through the topics in the above link. Can you please help me with an article/document on how to create and use keys. I tried to <keydef> tag in topic but editor does not allow(see screenshot for error), topic was created using Topic and Reference template.






Level 1

Hi @srikanthpogula 


Keydef is used to provide the value that is inserted into topic and are defined in a map. You can think of a keydef element as similar to a topicref though it is processed differently.

Use the keyref attribute on elements in a topic. For example, <ph reyref="sedan"> would resolve the keydef named sedan in your map.

Hope this helps.