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Adobe Experience Manager — What it is and How it works?


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Originally published at  Adobe Experience Manager — What it is and How it Works ?

In today’s digital age, content requirements are soaring! With these growing demands, companies are struggling to keep content fresh, personalized and consistent across all their channels. This is even more crucial as the omnichannel experience plays a vital role in creating a successful brand image.

And, this is why businesses today need a competent system that efficiently manages all digital content in one place. Moreover, there are several factors to consider while choosing your CMS.
This is where Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) works its magic. Although there are several CMS’s available in the market, AEM content management stands apart because AEM offers a combined solution for digital assets and content management.

With the AEM content management system creating engaging website experiences, delivering personalized marketing campaigns, and effortlessly tracking content performance across different channels becomes a breeze — all on a single user-friendly platform!




Adobe Experience Manager is a dual feature software solution that works as a content management system (CMS) and functions as a digital assessment management (DAM) system as well.

The 2021 Forrester report coined the AEM content management system as the most robust CMS of its kind. It comes as no surprise as the Adobe Experience Manager empowers business owners and companies to control and manage all their content which is often omnichannel; spread across several platforms, channels or apps, on a single platform.
With the Adobe AEM platform, you can consolidate and manage all your internal content and customer-related content in a centralized location. What makes the AEM system a popular choice is its Adobe Cloud foundation which grants businesses the flexibility to access and manage their data from anywhere, bypassing complex network protocols.

AEM capabilities extend far beyond content consolidation. The AEM platform comes bundled with a suite of powerful features that is dedicated to content creation and delivery. And with the right AEM development company your business can automate content workflows, and save significant time and resources!


The experience manager by Adobe is the go-to choice by most businesses today because it seamlessly combines content fragment management, responsive web design and more..

The AEM platform is a six-in-one super solution software-


AEM content management systems or experience management sites is a user-friendly CMS designed for both marketers and developers. The platform enables quick website building through templates and customizable components with minimal coding.

In addition, Experience Manager sites support omnichannel publishing. Content can be published simultaneously across multiple channels and platforms. The AI tools offer easy adjustments in content tone, creating content variations, and make uniform changes simultaneously across all content.

Creating personalized content is a breeze with Experience Management Sites. Different customer segments require different types of content and the AEM platform is perfect for crafting tailor made experiences accordingly. For instance, businesses catering to enterprises and individuals concurrently can create two different landing pages with ease!


Adobe Experience Manager Assets is a centralized digital assets management (DAM) system, part of Adobe’s suite that offers cloud-based asset management. This enables you and your team to access and manage content from anywhere, at any time! All your digital files such as videos, images, 3D models etc. are centralized. This eliminates the hassle of looking up content across multiple devices, accounts and platforms!

For instance, storing social media post templates within AEM assets and sharing them with your team ensures that everyone is on the same page. Now, all your team members have access to the latest version of the content, guaranteeing consistency across all your social media platforms and other related channels. Besides, AEM keeps a detailed revision history ensuring transparency.

Experience Manager Assets is hosted on Adobe’s cloud, thus eliminating the burden of local storage for large files. This makes it fast, scalable and moreover, it can be seamlessly integrated with other software from the Adobe environment ensuring workflow efficiency.


Another AEM feature — You can simplify your customer journey with AEM’s integrated digital enrollment forms. This eliminates all the paperwork while drastically improving efficiency.

The AEM platform enables you to create engaging forms and gather e-signatures with ease therefore eliminating the traditional printing and scanning processes. Once the forms are ready onboarding customers with AEM can be kickstarted with a few simple automations.
The onboarding forms are sent out and they can now automatically trigger welcome messages once they are filled. This not only saves time but also ensures a refined experience for your clients.

Moreover, AEM content management systems are highly flexible. Whether you require internal or external forms, the AEM platform caters to all scenarios. This ensures easy content creation and management across various platforms.


Digital guides, a part of the content management system (CCMS) is transforming the way you create and maintain user guides and supporting content. Unlike traditional CMS, the AEM framework provides digital guides that adopt a more modular approach ensuring effortless content management.

With digital guides, you can easily update a single component ( a product feature for instance) that immediately reflects the changes across all your user guides. This eliminates the need for manual edits, ensures consistent documentation and saves time.

As your products evolve, your documentation will need to be updated too. Digital guides allow for easy formatting and linking, thus ensuring your documentation is up-to-date and relevant for both employees and customers.


AEM’s capabilities extend beyond the “ONLINE” realm. The AEM offers Digital Screens, a robust tool that enables marketers to create engaging content for in-store display.

This tool simplifies the creation and updates of your in-store digital signage. This ensures coordination of messages across multiple stores and locations seamlessly from a centralized platform. The tool plays a vital role in driving sales, conversions and boosting the brand image!

With Digital Screens you can showcase product recommendations according to your stores’ clientele.. This personalized approach enables shoppers to make better decisions while empowering your staff as well.



Adobe Learning Manager (ALM) helps you create personalized training programs for different requirements. You could offer training programs for customer education, sales, in-store training, compliance training and more.. But creating tailored training programs is often time consuming but with this potent tool, it is easy. Learning Manager streamlines the process and provides access to several thousand premade courses from an existing content marketplace. Other features include gamification, leaderboards and social learning.

ALM not only provides the platform but it also offers ready-made courses you can provide and also encourages social interaction among learners.

In conclusion, Adobe Experience Manager emerges as a powerful solution, combining best-in-class content management with digital asset management, acting as a centralized hub for all your content needs. The AEM content management system empowers you to craft personalized experiences, streamline workflows and simplify processes, and ultimately boost sales.

Unlock the power of personalized content! Our team of AEM developers can help you craft a winning content strategy. Contact Codilar today for a free consultation and discover how AEM can revolutionize your online presence. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, our AEM Guide will ensure you maximize the potential of this powerful platform.

Originally published at  Adobe Experience Manager — What it is and How it Works ?

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