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Option to add other assets like PDF/word to set as a relationship for the topic in DITAMAP


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Documentation indicates that the relationship tables works with the topics/concepts/tasks, I am trying to check, if there is any option that we can use the relationship tables with the regular assests like pdf/word assets in the DAM along with other topics. 


My scenario is as below:

Topic 1 is having a relationship with Topic 4 and Topic5 and as well as can be linked to a DAM asset like PDF documents, once the AEM webiste is created, expecting the relationship nodes to be created for both Topic 4, 5 and assets linked in the relationship table. Is this possible?


Appreciate your help in advance! 

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Are these relationships setup using reltable in DITA? Or are they related as references as a result of xref, conref etc.?


In general, the related topics should be available to the AEM Sites output, unless its explicitly omiited by setting args.rellinks=none for AEM Sites output or the AEM Sites template is not equipped to show the related links.


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Hi @DivrajSingh , The relationships are set using the reltable in DITAMAP. I only see that I can add other topics/concepts/tasks while setting it up, but do not see an option to link something apart from the DITA files.

I would like to check if there is any possibility that we can add assets or external links along with the DITA topics in the reltable (highlighted section in the screenshot)

Screen Shot 2021-10-25 at 1.36.26 PM.png