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FMPS Output with a Conref DITA Specialization


Level 5

AEM Guides v4.0.2

FMPS 2020.2


In my PDF output, conreffing to my DITA specialization results in a big blank spot. My DITA specialization is based on a parml, and I can successfully conref to a parml and dl, but not to the specialization based on the parml.


Does anyone know where in FrameMaker you can define what elements can be conreffed? The XML Editor allows the conref and the content shows up in the editor, it just will not appear in the output.


I know an option is to just stop using the specialization and convert all my slentry to plenty, etc, but I'm trying to reserve that option as a last resort since we have 12 years of legacy content that uses the DITA specialization.

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You can add conref in FrameMaker via Insert--Conref from WYSYWIG view options.
The element which you will be confreffing should be valid child element at the destination element.
For eg : If inserting conref at destination inside <p> element then elements like <ph> , <ol> ,<ul> can only be conreffed , If you try to conref <p> element then it will show blank.

-Pulkit Nagpal


Level 5

When I added the specialization to the various EDD files, I made sure the <specl> specialization was added anywhere the <parml> was listed. I can check again, but I'm positive that the <specl> was listed as a valid child element wherever necessary, because that's the first thing I checked. The conref displays in the Web Editor and generates an output in the default DITA-OT outputs. It's only the FMPS output where it fails.


And yes, I'm waiting for v4.3 to be released so we can abandon FMPS entirely and use the DITA-OT based Native PDF Publishing.