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FMPS Fails to Generate a PDF so it Deletes the Map


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Has anyone seen the FMPS failing to generate a map imported from another DITA system, with that DITA CCMS's GUID, and then deleting the map from the repository upon failure?

I don't have a problem with a PDF failure, but the map being deleted from the AEM repository is a problem.

What's odd is that lots of other maps from the existing DITA CCMS work just fine and all I had to do to this one was to create a map with AEM and copy/paste all the topicrefs from the old map into the new map and it worked just fine. So far this has happened about a half-dozen times with dozens and dozens of other maps working just fine without having to be recreated within AEM.

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@sschnelbach : possibility is that the GUID names are clashing between the ditamap and the files created in system from generation - since GUIDs have to be unique - if another file same GUID is added into system the existing file is overwritten/removed

In the scenario you mentioned, it is possible that for the ditamap you are generating PDF from FMPS - the name of generated PDF is somehow leading to same GUID as that of ditamap - and in attempt to create that file in repository - it removed the map (which had same guid)


If that logic is not applicable in your case - I think this should be discussed with us once. Share the details with AEM Guides team over email