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Document State Won't Change from Draft


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I have several concepts and tasks that won't change from draft state to anything else. Overall, these files are maybe only 5% of the files so far that do move from draft to in-review to approved document states.


I cannot see any commonalities. The topics that have moved states just fine are in a variety of versions (1.0, 1,1, 1.2), have or don't have variables and conditions. The topics that won't move states are valid DITA and do not have any DITA specializations.


Has anyone seen this before?


AEM Guides (UUID) v4.2 On-Prem Installation
AEM 6.5.15 On-Prem Installation

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I haven't run into that issue before, but maybe there are two things you could check:


1. Is this issue happening for all of your users/test users? If it is only happening for some, it could be related to roles and permissions.

2. Did you apply your document states to all folders? In Tools>Guides>Document States, you can select the folders for which this setting applies. If a different configuration is active for some folders, that might be the cause.



I hope this is of some help at least. I'd be grateful, if you could update this thread once you have found the root cause. We have some projects where we make use document states, so it would be good to be aware of possible pitfalls. Thank you!


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I verified the Document States applies to content/dam, and just to be sure, I added content/dam/dita-content, which is where all our AEM Guides DITA content resides.


That did not fix the fact that moving content to Approved status did nothing to lock down the topic and prevent further changes, nor did it fix a topic that won't move out of draft status to begin with.