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Default ePub Output - Fails


Level 5

The default EPUB output doesn't seem to work at all. Has anyone had any luck?


It doesn't seem to understand SVGs, but even after removing all SVGs from the map, just to test it, the default output fails and says the ditamap is "outside the scope of the input/dita map directory."


Does anyone know what's going on? There are no DITA specializations in this simple testing map. And I'm not seeing anything in the AEM Guides v4.2 Installation and Configuration Guide.

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Level 3

The error message points to the general problem that the DITA-OT can have difficulties resolving references when the DITA map is not on top level. You might try creating a wrapper map on top level and create the output from that map.





Level 5

The DITA map is at the top level.


I also tested the ePub output after deleting the topicmeta/data-about/data elements just inside the map and I deleted the variable submap, so the map was at its simplest. The ePub output failed in all attempts.