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Omni channel Personalization using Analytics, AAM and Target


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Company Name: Xerago

Company URL: https://www.xerago.com/

Your Name: Vinoth Govindaswamy

Your Title: Architect – Digital Analytics

Describe your company, the customer experience and business challenge(s) you set out to solve with Adobe Experience Cloud products, and how long your company/organization has been using Adobe Experience Cloud products.


Xerago is a marketing solutions provider that is adept at solving practical, hard-to-solve marketing problems using a combination of marketing communication, marketing analytics, and marketing technologies.

Xerago is an analytical marketing pioneer and has 17+ years of experience in delivering marketing services to global brands. Xerago is an Adobe Bronze partner for over 5 years and has helped more than 30 brands improve their marketing using Adobe Experience Cloud for managing content on digital properties, delivering analytics reports, providing personalized experiences and running omnichannel campaigns.

Xerago has been using Omniture SiteCatalyst and Omniture Test and Target products to deliver marketing solutions to its clients even before their acquisition by Adobe.


Client: A leading telecommunications service provider.


Business challenge

  1. The client had a web portal, a mobile app, and an e-commerce portal. Although behavioral data from each of these sources was collected, it was stored and used in silos, resulting in sub-optimal data usage for targeting customers with the next best offer.
  2. The target audience for product-related offer campaigns was created by building segments either based on CRM data or based on user behaviour data on the particular channel. However, since the data was residing in silos, the intelligence between systems did not get federated, resulting in an incomplete view of audience intent and sub-optimal campaign responses.
  3. Personalization efforts were severely under-performing due to a lack of a unified data source and intelligence federation across channels.


Describe how you have integrated and used multiple Adobe Experience Cloud products to solve these challenges to improve and personalize the customer experience/journey. Please provide information that will be helpful in understanding your integration (e.g. architecture diagram, step by step process integration flow, etc.).


Xerago used the following Adobe Experience Cloud Products in an integrated manner to overcome the stated challenges.

  • Adobe Analytics: To capture and store behaviour data
  • Adobe AAM (Audience Manager): To build unique audience profiles
  • Adobe Target: To personalize user experience

Below is the implementation Architecture


  • Integrations Done :



    Data Point

    Analytics - Audience Manager

    Server-Side Forwarding

    Customer Behaviour Data

    Data Lake - Audience Manager

    SFTP Integration

    Customer Profile Attributes

    Analytics - Data Lake

    SFTP Integration

    Aggregated Analytics Data for Backup


  • Step 1 : Identify the common customer ID(Hashed) that can be used across the channels.
  • Step 2 : Set the customer ID (ECID extension in launch) for web platforms and “Sync Identifiers” for SDK platforms
  • Step 3 :  Enable Server Side Forwarding for the report suite so that behavior data is forwarded to Audience Manager
  • Step 4 : Set the integration code and Merge the profiles in Adobe Audience Manager
  • Step 5:  Prepare the data schema's that needs to be integrated to Adobe Audience Manager from internal data lake
  • Step 6: Schedule the data in SFTP and configure the AAM to import the file and create the traits as per the data schema.


Based on your successful use and integration of multiple Adobe Experience Cloud products, describe how it has transformed the customer experience/journey, and the value, business impact, and results your company/organization has realized. Please cite both qualitative and quantitative results as applicable.


By integrating Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics and Adobe Audience Manger we helped our client overcome their challenges and achieve the following results.


Qualitative Benefits:


Adobe Audience Manager helped in creating Single Customer Profiles by matching user’s multiple devices and channel data and achieving Cross Device Identity. This helped in executing targeted omnichannel campaigns and retargeting media campaigns for existing users.


  • By analyzing the customers’ cross-channel behaviour data and product holding data, the client was able to deliver personalized dynamic content on the portal shopping page and mobile app that is determined by considering the audience’s behaviour across devices. This resulted in better click through rates and conversions.
  • The dynamic pages, banners, and sidebars on the portal were further optimized based on A/B test results for better performance.
  • The omni-channel campaigns targeting existing customers got even more personalized as we were able to establish the continuity of journey by taking into account the customer’s last touch point interaction intelligence.


Quantitative Benefits:



  • Merging Analytics data with CRM data helped in targeting existing users with micro segmentation capabilities for running campaigns like Plan Upgrade, Device Upgrade, and Contract Renewal Offers. All these campaigns as a whole resulted in a 5% increase in Average Revenue Per User.
  • Based on customer profile attributes received from data lakes and behaviour data from analytics, audience profiles were created in Audience Manager for running media campaigns to similar audiences for a wider reach on all third-party platforms. This resulted in a 10% increase in website traffic, especially to the newly launched iPhone 14 page.
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