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Franklin Site Permissions Requested


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I am trying to sign up for a webinar from Adobe and it is prompting me to grant permissions for Franklin Site and prompting for a 365 authentication.

Any ideas what Franklin Site is? 

Why would Adobe require me to authenticate to 365?
Here is the webinar I am trying to register for:   https://www.adobe.com/acrobat/business/webinars/streamline-document-processes-with-automations-from-...

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Hi Christy,


Funny enough, I had the same experience yesterday when trying to register for Streamline Document Processes with Automations from Adobe Acrobat. There must be something with the way they set the registration process.

In the end, I received an invite on my email without having to authenticate. 


Hope you'll get an invite soon.


Kind Regards,



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It took about 6 hours to get an email confirmation but I did finally get it.

I checked all the links and such and went ahead to authenticate but the Franklin site appeared that it was having issues, too.