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AEM importer : migrate an existing site and convert its content to docx files.


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Hi All


I am working on a proof of concept (POC) for migrating content from existing sites using the AEM Importer tool.


I followed the provided documentation for the POC  https://www.aem.live/developer/importer

After completing the migration, I received the document for using the URL.

My question is:

1. After obtaining this document, will we move forward with document-based authoring sites?

if yes how to do that  ? Any one have any related document  , Please share .

2. Will the AEM importer tool be helpful while migrating content from an existing website? If yes, why? If no, why?




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Once you have the content in documents, then yes, you would move forward with document-based authoring, but there would need to be a plan put together that has the timeline for the events, such as content freezes. I think this would be like any other migration plan. And there's probably some updating you would need for styles and design, I'm assuming. 

The importer certainly works well to import existing websites, depending on their complexity and needed functionality. So in that sense, it depends.