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performanceTiming Plugin


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I am trying to implement the performanceTiming Plugin with DTM.

I implemented the Plugin like it is explained in the documentation: performanceTiming

I also implemented the required other plugins:

  • appendList
  • getPreviousValue

I also did all the configuration and created events 40-49 and evar52 for the tracking.

I implemented it on a site where an iframe is embedded. When loading the homepage and starting the visit, the values are stored in the s object in the console. When opening another page, I would assume that in this case events 40-49 and evar52 have to be set. For eVar52 it is set and fine, but the events are not set. In the s object I get the following info:

  1. ptc: true
  2. pte: "event40,event41,event42,event43,event44,event45,event46,event47,event48,event49"

Why are the events not set? Does this problem occur because there is no "real" new page load on the second page view as just the iframe is loaded?

Thanks for your help and kind regards,


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That's certainly a possibility. Typically it is sent on the next full page view, so if the iframe calls a second page view and has access to the cookies that the plugin sets, it should work.

Can you verify that you're getting a second s.t() call, and that both pages have access to the cookies the plugin sets?

If you're still unable to figure it out, Adobe recommends getting in touch with consulting, as they are technically the team responsible for supporting the plugin and would be able to help guarantee it is implemented correctly. You can talk with your account manager to get in touch with consulting.