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Help needed with Adobe Analytics Tool In DTM: Page code is already present


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I’m trying to transition to adobe dtm and have an existing adobe analytics (legacy, H.24.1) implementation. I’m moving adobe analytics to DTM in stages.

So, in the Adobe Analytics tool inside DTM, I of course checked "Page code is already present” under Library Management. I’m expecting the tracker variable to be populated with any global variable (including Pageviews & Content variables) I have set in the Adobe Analytics tool UI. If my tracker variable name is ‘trackerVar’, and then I set eVar2 to “hello world” and Page Name to %mytestvar% (which is is populated with document.title in a Data Element),  I’m expecting DTM to populate window.trackerVar.v2 with “hello world” and window.trackerVar.pageName with “{content of <title> tag}”. However, after the page ready event, window.trackerVar is undefined. I’m actually expecting it to be populated before pageBottom or earlier.

I also have the satellite library loading before my own s_code javascript. Is this correct?

Are my expectations correct? Could I have any pointers or tips? Or more detailed documentation or tutorials specifically regarding the “Page code is already present” option.


Thanks in advance!

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Hi Jordan

Here's some documentation for the 'Page code' option: Library Management

Also you can have a look at videos under the 'Using DTM for Adobe Analytics' at this link.

Kind Regards