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Find the DOM element that triggered a rule within a custom script data element


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I want to have as little custom code in the analytics rules as possible. If I need custom code I create data elements for it and use them with the %% annotations in the analytics part (e.g. eVar5=%CS-myDataElem%). Now I am struggling to get to the event that triggered a rule where I want to use this custom script data element.

In my specific case I have some custom logic vor video playback and I want to extract the currentTime from the video object. I've seen with a JS debugger, that the video tag that triggered my "% complete" rule can be found in "this" of my custom script:


So I was wondering is there a helper method in _satellite or some other global object where I can get the DOM element that triggered this rule?

Or do I really have to use custom code in the rule itself? I have multiple rules which need the same code snippets so I need to duplicate some code.

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