DTM: How to set Currency Event in Event Based Rules? Any Examples would be of great help ..!!



Hello DTM Experts,

Testing time for you guys out there ... just kidding, it should be a simple one ... I am working on the DTM implementation and it seems to be going really well before I encountered this requirement to set the currency event (Ex: event10=4.55) for a event based rule.

Any examples would be of great help.



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Answers (1)




You need to go to the custom page code section of the Adobe Analytics tool in DTM (in your DTM rule). There you'd set the event like this:

if(_satellite.getVar('currency_data_element')){ s.events=s.apl(s.events,"event10="_satellite.getVar('currency_data_element'),",",2); }

This assumes:

  1. You have the "apl" plug-in in place
  2. You have a data element named "currency_data_element" in place that has the value that you need to pass to the event
  3. The above example just sets this in the events variable and not in the product string