DTM-deployed Target - mboxUpdate or mboxCreate



Today, DTM deploys mboxes around elements on the page using the mboxUpdate function. This works very well - it erases the opportunity for content flicker:

- DTM hides the element with code in the

- DTM calls mboxUpdate

- mboxUpdate waits until window.onload to update the content



Unfortunately, some clients have very large windows of time between DOM Ready and window.onload


It'd be interesting to add to DTM's interface to have the choice to deploy mboxes using either mboxCreate or mboxUpdate. Using mboxCreate, the content would no longer wait until window.onload.


According to the documentation in T&T here: https://marketing.adobe.com/resources/help/en_US/tnt/pdf/testandtarget_integration.pdf - Page 13


The main difference between mboxCreate and mboxUpdate:

- mboxUpdate can be used for elements loaded on the page dynamically

- mboxCreate can only be used on HTML elements that exist on the page at initial load